Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
More and more people are turning to Chinese medicine as it enables you to understand your body’s natural patterns and signs. Chinese medicine seeks to address the root cause of diseases or imbalances instead of just treating the symptoms and signs.

Our main focus is the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat muscle & joint pain, dermatology, gynaecology, fertility and we are also open for general practice & internal medicine; so the whole family is welcome!

Our dedicated practitioners are registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria, in both the acupuncture and herbal medicine divisions of Chinese medicine. 

Chinese Herbal Dispensary


Herbal Medicine

We offer a full herbal dispensary with a large range of raw herbs. We are able to offer

  • Decoctions (teas) of herbs which are by far the most effective form as each prescription has select herbs chosen for each individuals needs. Cooking takes time and the actual decoction is not very palatable, however for the results it certainly can be worth it.
  • Washes are decocted herbs that are used externally on the body usually twice a day. Depending on the herbal prescription it can help with various problems such as extreme itching, heat, ulcerations and healing of skin.
  • Pills are also available. They are less effective than raw herbs, but are convenient and helpful in some situations. For a serious problem though, raw herbs are best.

Appointments can be booked by phone 5978 8455 or online
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Gentle point work can give an instant feeling of harmony and relaxation. Insertion of very fine needles in to specific acu-points can stimulate certain organs, move qi blockages and encourage healing. The World Health Organisation has recognised it as a suitable treatment for a wide variety of different conditions. Acupuncture is usually — but not always — combined with herbal medicine.

The needles are small, sterile and disposable. For most points, one should feel no pain, although there can be a feeling of warmth, tingling, dull ache or a heavy sensatio. People vary in their response to acupuncture, but most find it a relaxing experience.

Other Treatments 

We also offer cupping, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, diet therapy and lifestyle advice.


Dietary Advice

TCM does not believe in strict diets or fads, rather a wide variety of everything in moderation is acceptable. There has been a long history of dietary therapy in Chinese medicine. Each food possesses a certain nature (ie. cold, hot, strengthening, draining and so on) and these different natures can affect our bodies in different ways. During a consultation one might be told to avoid certain foods (as they might aggravate the condition) and be told to eat more of something else (that will help the condition). A common example is to avoid hot spicy foods in skin conditions as this can create more heat in the body and hence more redness or itching.

Initial Consultation  $120

Your first appointment includes –
•    Consultation & Assessment
•    Acupuncture Treatment
•    Duration of 90 minutes
Following your initial treatment your practitioner will discuss your treatment plan and return consultations can be booked.

Return Consultation  $90

The appointment includes –
•    Consultation
•    Acupuncture Treatment
•    Duration of 45 minutes
Herbal medicine if required is an additional charge.


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