Spa Pregnancy Packages

Woodman Estate proudly offers an indulgent range of treatments, specifically designed for mothers to be.

All Trimesters

Designed with the safety of you both in mind, you can also be assured that the following treatments are great to experience at any stage during your pregnancy.


Spa Pedicure - Soak away tension and treat your soles to this wonderfully relaxing and grounding treatment. The treatment includes a foot soak, cuticle work, hard skin removal, foot massage, complete with an aromatic foot masque, exfoliation and finish with a strengthening clear polish.

$150 for 60 mins

Luxury Pregnancy Facial Suitable for all skin types our facials integrate Australian native ingredients such as Lillypilly, Wild Rosella and Macadamia. They are an ideal treat for pregnant skin. A facial massage helps to relieve stress and tension. Perfect whenever skin could benefit from a boost of TLC. Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, facial massage, double mask, scalp and hand massage and moisturisation. $150 - 60 mins


Hands, Face & Feet Stimulate your senses with this rejuvenating treatment. The experience includes the mini foot and hand and the mini facial treatments. Designed to re-balance tired and stressed conditions, the therapies are rich in vitamins and minerals assisting to smooth skin and restore vitality. Caring for all the zone therapy areas - the hands, feet and head - recharges the body, restores vitality and enhances overall equilibrium, whilst nurturing mother and child.

$225 - 90 mins

Points of care for pregnancy

When working with a client who is pregnant, some precautions are necessary. However, it is also important to treat mums-to-be as it is a time when expectant mothers require touch and energy, and nurturing mum and baby is a wonderful thing to do.

During pregnancy, the body needs no further heat or stimulating, there is enough happening already! The sense of aroma is already heightened, so dilution of products with our Neutral Base Moisturiser takes most essential oils and extracts down to a safe level as well as making the aroma more acceptable.

Our philosophy in the treatment of pregnant women is to ensure our client feels comfortable, safe and maintains modesty throughout the treatment. We therefore avoid heavy massage pressure, especially on the lower back. A nurturing touch is more important than deeply therapeutic bodywork during this time.

Guidelines for pregnancy are as follows:

  • Avoid use of the pure essential oil blends in the hand or foot bath.
  • Avoid use of heat, hot water or steam treatments throughout pregnancy.
  • Avoid use of oil and salt exfoliation and we lessen the concentration of the products to a safe level by diluting all face and body products by half with Neutral Base Moisturiser.

Due to these precautions we are not able to recommend any mud body treatments during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

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First Trimester

1st Trimester Package - Enjoy a soothing mini foot treatment combined with a relaxing head, neck and scalp massage and treatment.

$150 - 60 mins.

Second Trimester

Pregnancy Massage - This nurturing and rhythmic body massage will tone and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body balance and wellness. Integrating traditional massage elements with spiralling movements to ground and uplift, leaving the body’s energies laughing with joy. This treatment works to prevent disharmony and nurture the pregnant mother and child.

$150 - 60 mins.

2nd Trimester Package - Relax with a mini foot treatment, followed by an energy balancing pregnancy massage and a head, neck and scalp massage and treatment

$225 - 90 mins

Third Trimester

Pregnancy Mud Wrap - Unwind, invigorate and celebrate with this complete nurturing experience for mother and child. First energise and nourish with a full body exfoliation. Then calm and revitalize the spirit, cocooned in warm Body Mud which cleanses and delivers essential nutrients to the skin, whilst you experience a scalp massage. Refresh with water therapy, and then surrender the body and soul to a rhythmic relaxation massage.

$180 - 60mins (exfoliation and mud wrap)

$245 - 90mins (includes 30min massage)

3rd Trimester Package - Prepare your body with a combined mini foot and hand treatment, a 60 minute pregnancy relaxation massage and a luxury pregnancy facial

$450 - 3 hrs duration


Note for all Wellness treatments

The minimum treatment time per person is one hour. The 30 & 45 minute treatments are designed to be combined with other treatments, so you can mix and match to create your own package.

Sunday - a 20% surcharge applies to all bookings, packages and voucher redemptions

Public holidays - a 30% surcharge applies to all bookings, packages and voucher redemptions




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